Where people come together inside

Where people come together in for example a restaurant, supermarket, school, clinic or the workplace, one can imagine the possible applications. The Clairea air disinfection system can be integrated in almost all existing and new locations. The fact that Clairea can be used in the fight against COVID-19 infections does not mean that it only offers a solution for the 'temporary problem' of the Corona virus facing us today.

Consider, for example, the well-known flu epidemics and the level of absenteeism caused by these epidemics. Or the fact that outdated air treatment installations and air ducts are often sources of fungi and bacteria. These contribute to the so-called 'sick building syndrome'. The applications of Clairea and its constant air and surface disinfection thus extend beyond what we prefer to label today as a 'temporary problem'.

Clairea, the C-Turbine and integration in (existing) air treatment systems

Depending on the situation, you can opt for a C-Turbine or an integrated system in (existing) air treatment installations. A combination of C-Turbines plus integration is also possible and may be the best option for more complex building structures. The fully automatic dosing system brings exactly the right amount into the indoor air during the time that the room is in use. The capacity of the C-Turbine is variable and therefore widely applicable. It is also possible to provide larger spaces such as in a supermarket or theater hall with several units to guarantee an optimal result. The C-Turbine is designed as a hanging unit to have maximum freedom in its positioning.

Clairea, the facts about efficacy, safety and environment

Clairea is a German product, marketed by German-Oekotec GmbH & Co. KG, an innovative company from Melle that has set itself the goal of producing ecological cleaning products on an organic basis. Clairea is produced by a unique process, without the use of petrochemical solvents such as alcohol and/or ethanol. The active ingredient is active chlorine; however, through essential adjustments in the production process of Clairea, the negative aspects of active chlorine have been eliminated and thus give Clairea an extremely high activity against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Clairea is effective for 12 to 24 hours and completely reduces itself to a very small amount of NaCl (table salt). Clairea is harmless to humans and the environment, non-flammable and retains its effect for up to 12 months in closed packaging. Various studies and tests have been carried out with regard to the efficacy and harmlessness to humans and the environment. All examinations, laboratory tests and field tests have been carried out by various German accredited laboratories and/or German university.

In addition to its own research and development by German-Oekotec, the following institutes, laboratories and universities have been involved in the scientific foundation of Clairea:

Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie - Dr. Brill+Partner GmbH - Bremen (D)
Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Stegemann - Georgsmarienhütte (D)
Hochschule Osnabrück - University of Applied Sciences - Osnabrück (D)
Dermatest GmbH - Münster (D)

More information or personal contact?

What are the possibilities with Clairea for your company or organization? Is insight into the research results possible? What does the cost look like and from when will it be available and implementable? These and many other questions are often specific and individual and sometimes better to answer in a personal conversation. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.

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